Crystal City golden boy Bill Bradley owns up to toking, then turns the tables on his inquisitors

Sep 22, 1999 at 4:00 am
Crystal City's favorite son, Bill Bradley, may not be flamboyant, but he did provide a bit of a buzz Sunday on ABC. Asked whether candidates need to reveal that they've done drugs, Dollar Bill said, yeah, sure, because it's breaking the law. Yeah, he smoked reefer a few times, but no cocaine. Then the man who, when playing for Princeton, once hit 20 of 21 free throws in a game against St. Louis University at the now-demolished Kiel Auditorium, turned to Sam "That's-my-hair-I-paid-for-it" Donaldson and asked him whether he had smoked marijuana. Sam said yes, then elaborated: "I inhaled." Cokie Roberts dodged the question, saying something about being pregnant at the time. George Will, just another boy from Illinois, said he hadn't smoked reefer since he was member of the "Falstaff generation," referring to what was the bestselling hometown-brewed beer in St. Louis during the 1960s, Falstaff. The table-turning continued Monday on C-SPAN, when a caller asked Matt Drudge whether he's gay. Matt, after some ado, said no. Let's take Drudge's word on that; it's a mental image best avoided.