Executive at St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission Lives in Baltimore, Earns $187,000

Apr 1, 2011 at 8:28 am
Here's a fun dichotomy, courtesy of today's Post-Dispatch.

Apparently CVC's marketing slogan is code for getting out of town -- each weekend.
Apparently CVC's marketing slogan is code for getting out of town -- each weekend.
On Page One the newspaper continues its coverage about how state senator Jim Lembke (R - South County) wants to block out-of-work Missourians from receiving federal unemployment benefits. Lembke argues that the benefits increase the national debt and -- worse -- make people lazy by discouraging them from finding jobs. (Never mind that unemployment in Missouri stands at over 9 percent.) "People need to get off their backsides and get a job," Lembke has said.

Buried deep inside the paper is another article about jobs. This one penned by columnist Bill McClellan, who recently discovered that Brian Hall, the marketing director for the St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission, doesn't even live in St. Louis. Hall keeps his home and family in Baltimore, where he flies each weekend on Southwest Airlines. (McClellan ostensibly got the scoop because Hall is featured this month in Southwest's in-flight magazine discussing his weekly commute.)

But here is where the story gets really galling, in my opinion.

Hall earns $186,667 a year. No wonder he's able to keep separate residences in two states! The head of St. Louis CVC, btw, has no problem with her marketing director -- the man whose job it is to sell St. Louis to tourists and conventioneers -- doesn't even bother to call the city home.

That said, it makes you wonder about the thousands of jobless Missourians who Senator Lembke wants to kick off the unemployment rolls. Certainly a few of those people are marketing executives, don't ya think? I'm willing to bet that one or two of them would even be willing to live full-time in St. Louis (if they don't already) should a certain job at the St. Louis CVC suddenly become available.