EXTRA! EXTRA! Post-Dispatch Editorial Page Staffed by Robots!

click to enlarge The opinion-shapers at the Post-Dispatch editorial page pose for a photo.
The opinion-shapers at the Post-Dispatch editorial page pose for a photo.
So the editorial page at the Post-Dispatch responded -- sort of -- to our post yesterday calling out the daily paper for having the audacity to report that MetroLink is being blamed for recent violence and unrest in the Delmar Loop.

When Riverfront Times wrote a similar story three years ago, the Post's editorial page called it an "irresponsible exposé." Today the editorial page stuck to its guns in a predictably rote column, essentially asserting that teens are teens and to put any blame on MetroLink is "absurd."

Here our a few of the choice lines from the column, which we suspect was generated by civic-journalism software. Don't believe us? Below are some of the profound statements made in today's editorial.
Some kids have become rowdy and rude. Some have disrupted diners and patrons. Some have perpetrated petty thefts.

A few unruly youths are spoiling everyone's fun. They need to be dealt with directly.

Cops know how to clamp down on unruly gatherings of kids. The problem at the Loop is manageable with some directed focus.

Juvenile curfews have mixed records of reducing crime and disorder. Strict enforcement need not be exclusively punitive.
Want more? Hear a computer read excerpts of the editorial here.
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