Extreme Makeover: RFT readers sound off on Sarah "The Clotheshorse" Palin

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Extreme Makeover: RFT readers sound off on Sarah "The Clotheshorse" Palin


Sarah the Clotheshorse

Niemansgate: We need a full list of all items bought from public donations ["Palin Drops a Pretty Penny @ Saks in St. Louis," Kristen Hinman]. It looks like the whole Palin family is on the dole. But at least after November 4 these freeloaders will only punish Alaskans who put her in office!
Trillian, via the Internet

Wardrobe malfunction: This news would not and should not be an issue, except that John McCain and Sarah Palin have made it one by claiming to be closer to the lives of average Americans than Barack Obama, who comes from a low-income background. What voters are likely to perceive unfavorably is not the money but the hypocrisy. I believe the issue will disappear when (and if) Senator McCain and Governor Palin choose to refocus on serious solutions for America's economic crisis. On the other hand, it will persist as long as they continue to suggest they're just "ordinary folks." Ordinary folks generally know who's one of them, and who is pretending.

Economists tell us we may be beginning to make a dent in the credit crisis, but we are still in for a serious recession that will harm middle- and lower-income families. Whoever comes across as displaying the judgment, knowledge and desire to relieve the burden those families face is likely to earn their vote in November.
Fred Moolten, via the Internet

Shop till you drop: I'd like to register a "BFD" here. I'm guessing McBama and Biden don't buy off the rack. Yeah, they shop at Sears.
Tim, via the Internet

Doggone it, Joe shops too: Awww, leave her alone. She was just trying to keep up with the Joe Six-Packs and Joe Plumbers of the world. They all shop at Saks, too, you know! Geez.
David, via the Internet

A bitter dittohead: Has anybody bothered to check Obama's wardrobe cost? Have any of you bothered to check his wife's wardrobe cost? Barry has at least one $2,000 suit that I know of. Change is what you want. Well, change is all you are going to have in your pocket if he is elected. You are brainwashed, immoral, uneducated people to want to elect a person who is more concerned with how Sarah dresses, how many houses McCain's wife owns, etc., than protecting the life of an unborn child or getting the economy back into shape. Obama is the liar.
Barb, via the Internet


Railing Away

Metro can only do what it can do: Well, I'm not sure what the cost overruns and the lawsuit have to do with the future budgetary issues at Metro, but I'm sure the message is getting "out there" ["Money Train: Pro-Proposition M Fundraising Squashes the Opposition," Chad Garrison]. I'm not sure what Metro is supposed to do to get past those issues; heads rolled and policies were changed. Public meetings are held to generate citizen input. And the elected officials at the East-West Gateway Council of Governments are the ultimate decision-makers. So what does Tom Sullivan think Metro should do that hasn't already been done? I wish he had some productive suggestions instead of just saying, "But all that money!!"
Jenniferwhatnot, via the Internet


History Is Made

So proud to be a Missourian: Wow ["Barack Obama in St. Louis: A Photo Essay," Ian Froeb]. I once lived with my grandparents in Missouri, where my dad and his folks were born, so I am particularly proud of the people of the Show-Me State (and their neighbors)! Thanks for the great coverage of this symbolic, hopeful and significant gathering!
Qohelet, via the Internet

From Dred Scott to Barack Obama: I did make it down to the rally and the entire time I was there looking at the crowd, I couldn't help but think about the history of downtown St. Louis. In 1857, Dred and Harriet Scott went to court to fight for their freedom. Now, 151 years later, a black candidate for president draws 100,000 at the same location where the case took place. Wow!
Tracy Muhammad, via the Internet


Mavericky Advice

Nothing better to do, John?: Would John Hoffmann also classify roses as "dangerous" since they — like hawthorn trees — have thorns ["Mavericky!" Chad Garrison]? I think he has way too much time on his hands.
Sue, Manchester, via the Internet

Get a life, sir: He should use his energy and channel it into doing some good, like volunteering. Maybe advocate for the less fortunate.
Bubba, via the Internet

Keegan Hamilton's October 23 feature story, "Old School," about St. Louis' role in hip-hop's beginnings, erroneously indicated that Vintage Vinyl co-owner Tom Ray's tattoo depicts a dreadlocked singer. In fact, it's a self-portrait of Ray playing the harmonica. Ray would also like to clarify his quote pertaining to the primary reason behind opening Vintage Vinyl in 1979: "We wanted to open up a store," says Ray, "for the intelligent music listener, which was the founding impulse for Lew Prince and myself."

Additionally, a caption that accompanied the story stated that DJ Charlie Chan works at 100.3 FM (the Beat). He's actually a DJ at Hot 104.1 FM.

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