Fangs are bared among RFT readers over Laurell K. Hamilton's vampire novels

Fangs are bared among RFT readers over Laurell K. Hamilton's vampire novels


Mistress of Parody

Where have you gone, Anita Blake?: I have long since stopped hurling my money into the bottomless pit that has become Anita Blake ["Mistress of Horror," Aimee Levitt]. But that doesn't change the fact that I'm terribly disappointed to see a genuinely interesting story and character reduced to a parody of feminine strength and independence. And having bought many of her books in the past, thus contributing (in small part) to her success, I reserve the right to wonder aloud, "What the hell happened to Anita Blake?"
Carol, Washington, D.C., via the Internet

Mistress of pornography: Laurell K. Hamilton does not read her own reviews. She instead lives in her own ivory tower with her editor sheltering her from reality. The first few books of her Anita Blake series were hard-hitting urban noir fantasy, while the rest of them are pure pornography. Hamilton also translates the characters in her real life into her books. So those she despises get rough treatment, while those she likes/loves get positive treatments. It would be funny it if wasn't so pathetic.
Patrick, Cincinnati, via the Internet

Callous mistress: Anyone who reads this, know the truth: Hamilton doesn't care about her fans. When her long-term fans started voicing concern over the way the series was progressing, she turned her back on them. Not before she sent them a hateful missive, though. Hamilton has also used her books as a way to vent her frustration. In the past, she's openly said that she based her characters around living people (now she denies that claim), and you can plainly see that it's true. Richard went from being a sympathetic love interest to being a whiny baby bent on self-destruction, a change that just so happened to take place around the time that Hamilton went through a divorce.
Molly, Richmond, Virginia, via the Internet


President Will Smith

Viva Fresh Prince: Excellent interview, really ["Will Smith: 'I Could Absolutely Be the President of the U.S.,'" Cecilia Razak]. It's sad that he won't get back into music though. Will is a great rapper and a very good representation of what hip-hop used to be. Long live the Fresh Prince.
Astroblack, via the Internet


Beer Smells

Whiff of St. Louis: I agree 100 percent with all points ["A Few Suggestions for the New AB InBev Bosses," Nick Lucchesi]. Well, maybe a slight beef with point No. 4. Having lived in Soulard, Benton Park and Mt. Pleasant, I have to say I quite enjoy the smell. It's like, "big whiff," — ahhh, St. Louis! If they remove the old Budweiser sign and replace it with the generic looking eagle, I will flip.
Jyoseph, via the Internet

Busch will never be the same: I couldn't disagree more. Retaining the familiar sights and aromas may fool the author and others into believing that things haven't changed, but AB is no more, and all its associations should be buried with it.
Chuck, via the Internet

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