Fans Offer Thoughts and Prayers for Yadier Molina's Junk

Tragically, that foul tip is not destined for Yadi's glove. - Screenshot via Deadspin/Photo Illustration via Danny Wicentowski
Screenshot via Deadspin/Photo Illustration via Danny Wicentowski
Tragically, that foul tip is not destined for Yadi's glove.

Thanks to clips immediately shared on social media, untold thousands of Cardinals fans and groin-having humans have watched, in horror, as beloved catcher Yadier Molina took a fastball to the groin on Saturday.

Let's take a look at that clip one more time. (Also, sorry.)


The ball, a foul off the bat of Cub Kris Bryant, was reported as traveling at 102 miles per hour and left Molina rolling and doubled-up on the ground. Yet Molina was able to walk — yes, walk — off the field, which is amazing considering he reportedly suffered a traumatic hematoma that required immediate surgery. Molina will be out of commission for at least a month.

In the wake of such heinous ball-busting, the landscape of Twitter became filled with calls for prayers, sympathy and well-wishes for Yadi's injured trouser boys.

Some commented simply to ruminate upon the vicarious anguish of having a baseball encounter one's balls at 102 mph. Others weighed in to express their admiration for the catcher's courage.

It doesn't matter if you like Yadi as a person or player; nobody deserves such a fate.

And no, it's not just you, Chandler.

Others commented on the fateful coincidences at play: Last season, Molina took consecutive foul tips to the head, the second of which concussed him and forced him out of the game. The bat that sent the second foul into his mask was hit by none other than the Cubs' Bryant .... the same perpetrator as this weekend's spherical assault.

A few noted the irony that, during the following game Sunday night, the Cardinals defeated the Cubs in thrilling fashion, with a walk-off homer from former Cub and all-around good dude Dexter Fowler.

In a way, it was a win for Yadi.

Thankfully, it appears that Molina's surgery went well. In fact, the catcher's older brother told KMOX that Yadi was walking around his hospital room like he didn't just absorb 102 miles per hour of NOPE into his groin.

So that's good news, and hopefully Yadi and the Cardinals can soon move on to better things. If, however, you would like to commemorate the moment Molina's balls were turned into crash-test dummies, there's a guy apparently trying to sell the ball on Ebay. Yeesh.

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