Fat Tuesday Parade More Fizzle than Sizzle

Feb 25, 2009 at 9:34 am
Fat Tuesday Parade More Fizzle than Sizzle
Here's the good news: Next year's Fat Tuesday parade and party in the Carondelet is guaranteed to be bigger than this year's event.

Why? Because a paltry dozen people showed up for last night's inaugural Fat Tuesday soiree in the south city neighborhood. If fewer folks attend next year, it will cease to be an event at all.

Here's how last night was supposed to go down. 

Patrons of the restaurants Iron Barley and The Wedge were to meet at the corner of Virginia and Bates and march through the neighborhood. A motorcycle brigade of military veterans was going to join in on the parade. So, too, was the Banana Bicycle Brigade -- a group of St. Louis cyclists known for their wacky two-wheeled creations. Neither bike gang showed up.

At around 7:15 about a dozen folks from Iron Barley walked up to The Wedge where they were yet again disappointed. No one at The Wedge was willing to participate. "Uhh, we kind of forgot about it," was the response from the rather dazed bartender.

So the group for Iron Barley did what they could do. They did a quick "about face" and walked -- I guess you could call it "marched" -- the 100 yards back to the Iron Barley where they drank beers and talked about 2010 Mardi Gras. As the saying goes, there's always next year.

The parade did have a celebrity -- of sorts. Post-Dispatch columnist Bill McClellan was on hand to capture the scene. I'll be interested to see how he stretches 900 words out of the event in his Friday column. There wasn't a hole heck of a lot to report.