#FergusonNext: Nine St. Louisans, Nine Different Solutions

Dec 10, 2014 at 10:27 am
#FergusonNext: Nine St. Louisans, Nine Different Solutions
Bryan Sutter

Coming to grips with all the societal ills ripped open in the wake of the killing of Michael Brown is no easy task. Just ask the members of the Ferguson Commission, whose meetings have been disrupted by protesters angry that this panel of do-gooders isn't acting fast enough, isn't providing immediate solutions.

The unfortunate reality is that there is no quick fix to remedy our current situation. But the silver lining is that there now exists -- more so than ever before in St. Louis -- a willingness within our community to discuss our shortcomings and our future. In that vein, this week Riverfront Times reached out to a diverse group of contributors — policemen, rappers, shop owners, clergy, artists — to begin the discussion of how they believe we can heal and rebuild. Here are their solutions.

1. The Solution Begins With You by rapper, poet and activist Prince Ea

2. Race Conversation Must Last Beyond Flareups by race and bias consultant Khatib Waheed

3. St. Louis Can Lead Global Movement by artists and demonstrators Brea and James McAnally

4. Vandals Can't Damper Our Spirit by West Florissant Avenue salon owner Dellena Jones

5. Where Do We Go From Here? We Move Forward by Pastor Carlton Lee, whose church was burned following the grand-jury announcement

6. Keep Talking, Keep Caring, Keep On by Shaw Neighborhood Improvement Association spokeswoman Emma Klues

7. Obligations Exist for Citizens and Law Enforcement Alike by long-time north St. Louis County police officer Glenn Rogers

8. Calling All Teens: I Need to Hear From You by Ferguson Democratic committeewoman Patricia Bynes

9. Time For St. Louisans to Break Out of Cultural Isolation by public-participation arts organizer Mallory Nezam

About this project: #FergusonNext is a collaboration in partnership with the Guardian's "US Opinion," the St. Louis Post-Dispatch's editorial page, the St. Louis American, Ebony.com and Colorlines. Go to www.fergusonnext.com to see what our partners are doing and to join us in our attempt to answer the question, "No justice, no peace — what now?"