First Violators of Missouri Strip Club Law Arrested for Male Dancers

Sep 16, 2010 at 1:48 pm
Xavier: So exploited, so hunky. -
Xavier: So exploited, so hunky.
Xavier: So exploited, so hunky.
Who'd of thunk it? The first people arrested for Missouri's new law prohibiting nudity at strip clubs weren't exploiting the allegedly fragile and allegedly manipulated women who lawmakers intended to save.

No, they were exploiting a review of bare-chested, male beefcakes with names like Flex, Diesel, Draven and Ricardo. The men -- part of Hunks: The Ultimate Las Vegas Travelling All-Male Revue -- were in St. Joseph on Monday night performing at a bar called Blondie's.

According to reports, police were alerted to the show when an anonymous tipster called in to complain about a flier for the event advertising "on-stage lap dances."

So, St. Joseph's police sent two female cops on undercover assignment to the club (anyone else see a porn plot in the making here??), wherein the officers allegedly witnessed a few Hunks expose themselves. The cops cited four of the men for not having their state-issued entertainment licenses.

Meanwhile, the owner and manager of Blondie's were arrested for violating the anti-nudity law that went into effect August 28. The law also bans the sale and/or consumption of alcohol at strip clubs, and investigators are looking into whether the bar violated the liquor provision of the law as well.

A manager of Blondie's told the KQ 2 News in St. Joseph that he believes the law to be unconstitutional.

H/T: Kansas City Pitch.