Five Cardinal New Year's Resolutions

Dec 30, 2008 at 3:30 pm
The folks over at InsideSTL have published a few New Year's resolutions for St. Louis Cardinals fans, worthy of a read and guaranteed to keep your brow firmly in its low position.

Here's a highlight that will give some context to that dispenser of nacho cheese you see to your right.

2. Eat less nacho cheese. I've mentioned in this space before that STL eats more processed cheese in any other stadium in the country. And it's beginning to show. Long standing rating methodology has proven that any chick wearing a piece of Cardinals gear automatically gets a +1 on the 10 pt. scale. BUT... if you're starting out as a 2, then, you know, it kind of cancels the whole damn free point you're getting into question really. Get a pretzel. I didn't say you couldn't have a pretzel. But let's tighten it up a little bit people. We're getting sloppy.

Without further ado, the list is located here.

- Nick Lucchesi