Flaccid or Turgid?

Mar 22, 2000 at 4:00 am
Ed King
Co-Owner, Big Sleep Books

"Somewhere in the middle. The string that's wound too tightly breaks; the string not wound tightly enough doesn't play -- so says Buddha. And this need for balance is also borne out by history. Every dictatorship has fallen, and every soft society has rolled over. Either path taken to an extreme leads to suffering, pain and sadness, and if not for yourself, then for others you come in contact with."

Michael Toomey
Zen Outlaw

"I gotta tell ya, since I started dating this gal over the last few months, I'm thinking turgid, and I owe it all to her -- no drugs, no Viagra, just pure sex drive."

Noelle Santacruz
Student, Webster University

"Well, "flaccid' sounds pretty, but the meaning of it is not. Now, 'turgid' sounds like a war cry. Like maybe in the middle of a Hercules movie or Braveheart you'd hear somebody yell, 'Turgid!' So I choose turgid."

Stuart Hookey
Morgue Assistant, St. Louis University Hospital

"That's kind of personal, isn't it? Can I take the Fifth on that one?"

Bob Schwartz
Monkey-on-Duty, Border's Books & Music

"Oh gosh, I'm going to have to go with flaccid. It sounds loose and easy and whatnot. 'Turgid' sounds painful, like a stubbed toe or a swollen appendage."

Angela Radford
Medieval Scholar

"Flaccid. You've got to have something to start with, and it might be fun to turgidize the flaccidity."