Should Jim Hanifan's drunken-driving arrest have led local newscasts?... Trouble in the fine print at the Post.... Is congressional candidate William Federer the best the Republicans can find to run against Richard Gephardt?

It's one thing to put the Rams on page one on Monday morning, a trend deemed worthy when the Washington Post did the same thing during George Allen's heyday with the Redskins, but was it that big a deal that Rams assistant coach Jim Hanifan got pulled over for drunken driving? The day it happened, KSDK (Channel 5) led the newscast with it. Has "If it bleeds, it leads?" turned into "If a coach weaves, he leads?"... The most vital part of the sports page is in agate type — box scores, statistics, who's pitching tomorrow. And, yes, it's great to have a young phenom on the staff, but must the P-D list Rick Ankiel under "TODAY'S PITCHING MATCHUPS" on Monday, Aug. 30, and Tuesday, Aug. 31, when in fact Ankiel pitched on Sunday, Aug. 29? Is it too much to ask for the crackerjack sports staff to get who's on the mound? We know who's on first, believe me.... We know that U.S. Rep. Richard Gephardt has faults, but is William Federer the best this town's electorate can do for an opponent? You'd think someone who's made his money in real estate would think twice before blasting a Democratic hierarchy that was on duty when mortgage interest rates have been at such a low ebb. And blaming Gephardt for ruining the city because of Section 8 housing? Check the clips — it was the other Tricky Dicky, Republican President Richard Nixon, who signed Section 8 into law. And if vouchers for housing are bad, why are vouchers for school good? Federer, though he made a decent showing against Gephardt last time, may have peaked with this material already.
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