For Sale on Craigslist: Sweet Baby Pac-Man Arcade/Pinball Game, Signed by Cloud Nothings

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click to enlarge Chris Ward and his Baby Pac-Man machine. - Photos Courtesy of Chris Ward
Photos Courtesy of Chris Ward
Chris Ward and his Baby Pac-Man machine.

KDHX's (88.1 FM) Chris Ward is parting with his refurbished and totally sweet Baby Pac-Man game, which is up for sale on Craigslist in case you're interested.

"I love it, it's one of my favorite machines, but it's time to...I don't know what...move on?" Ward says, finding it a little hard to explain why a 32-year-old childless man has such an huge gaming machine. "It's amazingly fun to play. Somebody else should enjoy it."

Ward hopes to use the profits to record an album for his local band Acorns to Oaks.

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The rare pinball-slash-arcade-game hybrid is refurbished with a new battery pack. One of Ward's favorite bands, grunge 2.0 rockers Cloud Nothings, signed the machine after a night playing and crashing at Ward's apartment.

Just one warning: If you want it, bring some strong friends to pick it up. Ward says he almost died moving the machine upstairs.

"'This is how I go,'" Ward remembers thinking as the 350-pound machine slipped and almost crushed him. In his Craigslist ad, Ward says, "It's got 'Baby' in the title, but it is still a heavy arcade machine."

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Ward bought the machine from a dealer in Granite City, Illinois, to match his other Pac-Man machine, a Japanese bootleg from Coney Island that Ward also wants to sell once he gets an electrical issue fixed.

"It's 350 pounds of electronics that you can fit on the top of your finger now, but nothing's ever going to beat this," Ward says about playing the arcade game. "For a game geek, it's amazing. Pac-Man on an Xbox or a phone will never beat playing it on an arcade game."

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