For Sale on St. Louis Craigslist: Homemade "Human Propellant" That Will...Propel You!

Jul 30, 2013 at 10:15 am

St. Louis Craigslist always has some goodies to offer, but this may be one of the best for-sale items we've seen on the site in a while.

It's the "human propellant."

"We built all kinds of weird stuff," Fred Stewart, the 62-year-old seller tells Daily RFT. "But I decided to get rid of this one. I'm not going to play with it anymore."

And what exactly is the human propellant?

Kind of like the name suggests, the small device propels humans!

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Here are some more photos from the Craigslist post, courtesy of Stewart:

"We made all these stupid toys," says Stewart, a Barnhart resident and former vice president of Xyquad Inc., a St. Louis software company.

Stewart explains that he used to ride helicopters and build motorcycles with his close friend Allen Barklage, a local traffic reporter and helicopter pilot, who died in a crash.

"You strap this thing to your back, fire it up and it blasts you down the runway," Stewart explains of the "human propellant," which he is now selling for $300.

It looks like some sort of jet pack, and Stewart says you can use it while on a bike, skateboard, Rollerblades, a canoe and more.

"It's light and efficient," he says.

Stewart built the device about fifteen years ago after he realized he was getting too tired for skating. "I was in my 40s. It was kind of an effort to skate. When you fire this thing up, you didn't have to make an effort."

Because it propels you!

He says it still works, though he hasn't used it in many years, in part because he is older now. He recalls one particularly embarrassing incident the last time he used it, when he slipped and fell while making a turn in front of a family.

When he first built it, however, "We played it with it quite a bit."

He adds, "It's not dangerous."

The Craigslist ad calls it a "one of a kind machine."

Stewart says he receives a lot of calls from folks who want to know more about it, but hasn't had any luck making a deal yet. "I get a lot of people that are not interested in buying it."

Here are the rest of the photos from the ad:

And a screengrab of the post:

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