Forget Texting While Driving, Local News is all About Sexting (It's Sextier)

Not Sexty: State Rep. Don Wells
Not Sexty: State Rep. Don Wells
This week, state representative Don Wells (R - Cabool) introduced legislation that would make it illegal for all drivers in Missouri to text while behind the wheel.

In August, legislators passed similar legislation that prohibits people under the age of 21 from texting while driving. But that law does nothing for Wells, who -- while not legislatin' -- works as a defensive-driving instructor.

"That's like saying, 'You can kill yourself if you're over 21,'" Wells told the Associated Press. "Texting is one of the most dangerous things you can do while on the road."

So do you think Wells and his bill caught the attention of the local news media this week!?

No. Not really. Instead, they're tripping over themselves to report an even bigger texting-related story. As the Post-Dispatch has plastered on the front page today, a poll from the esteemed news agencies Associated Press and MTV(?) has found that 30 percent of  people age 14-25 have participated in sexting!

Leave it to KSDK (Channel 5) to really explain the story. Just as they did a couple weeks ago when they provided a Dummy's Guide to the word "emo", the News 5 team gets to the crux of the sexting dilemma by interviewing the husband of a woman who wrote a book about teen issues. Oh, and according to KSDK, the winter holiday season is an excellent time to discuss sexting with your children.

See for yourself: 

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