Former Post-Dispatch Reporter Now International Freelance Journalist and Rapper

As Cheech and Chong said: things are tough all over. That's especially true in the newspaper business. Lots of reporters are out of a job these days. But a few have embraced the change to do things they've always wanted to do. Case in point Adam Jadhav

This past summer Jadhav left his reporting job at the Post-Dispatch but not in the way most reporters have been leaving the paper lately. He quit. He left to follow his dream of becoming an international correspondent. Never mind the fact that he doesn't have a regular gig as a foreign correspondent, he is obstensibly funding his dream from his own pocket and from freelance reporting gigs he picks up here and there. 

You can follow along with him on his travels on his blog and via twitter. He is currently in Kenya but according to the about page on his blog he will eventually end up in India. 

He seems to be particularly well suited to this adventure, not only is he young, single and curious. He's also tech savy, with audio, video and social media skills he can put to good use in the field. 

But there is another skill he has that he might also be able to fall back on when he's not reporting: hip-hop. Check out this video he made with fellow PD staffer before he split town:

Ok, maybe he should just stick to reporting.

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