Aims to Give Greater Voice to St. Louis Liberals

Dec 15, 2010 at 11:22 am
A group of St. Louis progressives this week launched, a new website designed to inform and rally local Democrats.

The site, officially unveiled last Saturday, aggregates content from local blogs and mainstream media. Adam Shriver, of St. Louis Activist Hub, is the brainchild behind the site. Also involved in day-to-day operations are Sean Soendker Nicholson, of Fired Up! Missouri, and Stacy Mergenthal and Gloria Bilchik at Occasional Planet.

Shriver tells Daily RFT that he has several goals for the new website:

"The hope is that it (1) helps to build a stronger sense of community among progressive bloggers since there is a shared location for their content, (2) can help to serve as an incubator for progressive citizen journalism by providing an outlet to people willing to report on events or provide analysis, and (3) highlight the stories in the mainstream media (or, if you prefer, the non-lefty blogger media) that we think are valuable."

Shriver adds that the site has been in development for several months following a kick-off meeting that included such folks as Ed Reggi with Show Me No HatePamela Merritt (Shark Fu) from Angry Black Bitch; Jaelithe Judy from Momocrats; occasional Daily RFT contributor, Bill Streeter; Steve Patterson of Urban Review STL; former Post-Dispatch columnist Sylvester Brown; and Eric Hoffpauir from Show Me Progress.

P.S. Watch for an official launch party sometime next month!