FOX 2 Weatherman Chris Higgins Argues with Post-Dispatch Weather Grouch, Joe Strauss

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click to enlarge Chris Higgins, meteorologist. - via Facebook
via Facebook
Chris Higgins, meteorologist.

Yesterday, we wrote about a somewhat bizarre "open letter" rant from FOX 2 Meteorologist Chris Higgins on his Facebook page, directed at his "haters" who have apparently been attacking him for not accurately predicting the snow storm over the weekend. It included some gem quotes like, "That is an assault on my character and integrity and I'm not going to just sit here and take it," and, "I pretty much nailed EVERYTHING about this storm EXCEPT the exact amounts."

Daily RFT has since got in touch with Higgins to chat about his snow reporting and what exactly pushed him over the edge -- and whether his bosses approved of the lengthy Facebook defense.

For starters, he tells us, he takes his job very seriously.

"I have no problem with people calling us out...and holding us accountable," he says. "It's the tone in which people were calling me out and the personal nature [of the attacks].... I have a thick skin...but there is a certain level of common human decency."

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Higgins admits that he got the exact forecast wrong in terms of the number of inches of snow, a mistake which apparently launched the backlash of angry viewers calling him a liar and an idiot on social media.

"I can handle the criticisms on the forecast," he says. "The totals of the forecast were wrong.... I take getting the forecast as accurately as possible very, very seriously. It's not just an ego boost.... It makes a difference to people.... What we say can impact people's lives. It can save lives. It can cost lives."

It was the very personal digs, he says, that made him say, "Enough is enough," at which point he went to his Facebook page to defend himself and shut down the haters.

"I always thought you let it roll off your shoulders," he says.

But there's a limit, he says.

After more than two decades in the weather reporting business, the specific accusations that he is intentionally lying to viewers, he says, eventually got him angry enough to launch a formal response.

"This is how my dad raised me.... Sometimes you stand up for yourself," he says, adding, "Facebook and social media gets everybody a lot closer to those of us in the public eye."

Continue for more of our interview with Chris Higgins and for a taste of a Twitter fight.

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