Friday Afternoon Video Dump

It's that time of the week again -- Friday afternoon. The final few hours of the work week are lingering and plenty of us are hard at work trying to avoid doing anything resembling our jobs for the rest of the day. That said, here's a few videos to help you waste time.

Snowpocalpyse Chicago: Weatherman Freaks Out on TV

The snowstorm was the big event for the week. Fortunately, St. Louis missed out on the full-force of this wicked weather winter, but Chicago wasn't so lucky. They witnessed the full power of the snowpocalypse. This TV weatherman shuddered in awe at its power.

Gang Fight...Well Sort Of

At first glance, this video seems to be just another YouTube clip of idiots brawling for the camera. However, roughly twenty seconds into the action it takes a very unexpected and hilarious turn.

This Man Has No Skeleton

Okay, so maybe that's a tad hyperbolic, but this guy's bones and/or joints are incredibly elastic. This has got to be the greatest robot dance ever recorded.

WTF is This?

After watching this video, we were speechless. Seriously, what the hell just happened? It's it for yourself.

We showed the video to the RFT's resident Jedi Master, who had this to say:

That was ART, son. That was a long, unblinking look into the id of a generation raised on broadband porn, free music and 24-hour fast food. That was the first shot fired in the next generational war, in which the Gen X fuckwits with their Nirvana CDs first become aware that they have no idea what's going on, and that the new generation -- let's call it the Arkham Generation -- view the world not as a single plane of existence but as a prism of hypershifting realities illuminated from within by the triple fires of sex, success and excess, and that any combination is possible. Your Contra codes can't save you now, old man.

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