Friday, April 10: Morning's Newz

Apr 10, 2009 at 8:51 am
Missouri legislators may be warming up to Metro's request for money. The transit agency initially asked the state for $50 million to offset route cuts that went into effect this month. KMOX reports that legislators are now considering giving Metro about one-third of its initial request.

Defense attorney Chet Pleban is accusing U.S. Attorney Catherine Hanaway and St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce of prosecutorial misconduct. Pleban alleges that the prosecutors violated the court's rules of conduct when they spoke to the Post-Dispatch about Bobby Lee Garrett -- a city cop charged with dealing drugs and planting evidence.

State Rep. Michael Corcoran (D-St. Ann) has been charged with driving while intoxicated. Corcoran was pulled over when police saw his vehicle weaving on I-70 in February. Corcoran refused to do a blood-alcohol test, delaying charges until recently.

The high school coach who pulled over a bus last week belonging to a competing baseball team has apologized for his actions. Barat Academy Jason Theodorakos had accused members of the Ritenour freshmen team of stealing money from the locker room. Theodorakos jumped in his car and pulled the bus over on Highway 40.

Carp looked sharp yesterday. Cardinals ace Chris Carpenter gave up only one hit in seven innings in the Cardinals 2-1 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates.