Frozen: Illinois Movie Theater Marquee Gets Snarky, Goes Viral; Six Flags Joins the Fun

click to enlarge The Orpheum Theatre in Hillsboro, Illinois. - Facebook
The Orpheum Theatre in Hillsboro, Illinois.

Well, this is a pretty great picture. As the polar vortex froze the Midwest, a Hillsboro, Illinois, movie theater couldn't help but comment when it advertised for the film Frozen on the marquee.

Eisentraut's Orpheum Theatre added a clever, "How ironic," after the title for Frozen and posted the photo on Facebook. There, it was picked up by a blogger on Tumblr, where it went viral and got more than 150,000 shares in one day.

Even Buzzfeed, the Internet's ultimate curator, picked the image up, giving the family-run theater a hearty, "Well played."

UPDATE 10 a.m.: Six Flags St. Louis put up their own sarcastic sign this week:

LOL, indeed.

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The Orpheum Theatre has been offering free and reduced price shows for families brave enough to shovel themselves out of their homes and make it for a movie.

And because the world of the Internet is full of grammar Nazis, Daily RFT will make this disclaimer: Unless you're Alanis Morissette, playing the movie Frozen while it's freezing outside isn't technically irony; it's coincidence. Playing Man on Fire or Inferno would be closer to ironic.

That said, we agree with Buzzfeed: Excellent work, Orpheum Theatre.

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