"Fuck Gravois Park": Gang Member Goes to Jail After Boasting of Robberies on Facebook

A St. Louis judge sentenced Christopher Ransfer to eighteen years in prison Wednesday for committing an armed robbery in Gravois Park -- exactly the kind of violent crime the gang member bragged of committing on his Facebook page.

A jury found Ransfer guilty of first-degree robbery and armed criminal action last month for flashing his piece at a man in the south-city park and demanding his wallet, according to the Circuit Attorney's Office.

"This defendant decided less than $40 was worth more than a human's life," Assistant Circuit Attorney Mahrya Fulfer said during the trial.

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Before getting locked up, Ransfer appeared to enjoy terrorizing Gravois Park on Facebook as much as he did in real life. "Fuck Gravois Park," he writes in a particularly concise post.

"On Facebook, he blatantly boasted about all the violence he planned," the Circuit Attorney's Office says. "He verbally attacked police and his own community. He threw up gang signs and posed with dangerous weapons."

After all Ransfer's bad-talking about the Gravois Park neighborhood near Gravois Avenue and Cherokee Street, residents were just as happy to get vocal in court about how they feel about him. About twelve neighbors attended the sentencing.

"Where he held up that guy is Gravois Park, where our kids go to play, where people go to relax, a stray bullet could have hit somebody," says Rita Ford, president of the Gravois Park Neighborhood Association. "It could have been a murder."

Ransfer will serve at elast 85 percent of his eighteen-year sentence, per state law.

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