Fundraiser Aims to Keep "Pants Up, Don't Loot" Billboard in Florissant As Long As Possible

click to enlarge The proposed billboard would read, "#PantsUpDon'tLoot." - Indiegogo
The proposed billboard would read, "#PantsUpDon'tLoot."

An online fundraiser to put up a Florissant billboard aimed at Ferguson protesters has reached its $3,000 goal and is still raising money with 31 days left.

The Indiegogo campaign aims to put up a billboard in Florissant, a St. Louis suburb near Ferguson, that reads, "#PantsUpDon'tLoot." The promise to display two racial stereotypes in one hashtag on a north St. Louis County billboard brought in $3,000 in donations, enough to rent a billboard for at least a month, though the real goal is to earn enough money to keep it up even longer.

"Whatever funds we receive will go directly to keeping the billboard campaign up as long as possible," writes the fundraiser's founder, listed by Indiegogo as Don Alexander of Tennessee. "If we come to an agreement with a company and can fund it for three months, five months, seven months, we will."

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On the fundraising page, Alexander says he picked Florissant for the billboard because it's in the "epicenter of the Mike Brown protests," even though most protests have centered in Ferguson, Clayton and St. Louis' Shaw neighborhood. Riverfront Times reached out to the fundraiser's organizers, who said they will take questions at a later time.

The organizers say they're keeping the billboard's location and the rental company secret to prevent protesters from "making it impossible for the project to move forward."

Starting a fundraiser on Indiegogo is free, so there's no guarantee that anyone is actually working on the billboard. But that hasn't stopped donors from forking over $3,081 (as of 11 a.m. Monday) in one month. Almost 130 people donated to the campaign, with donations ranging from $1 to $300.

"You're welcome, America," Chase Holt commented on the fundraiser after donating $1, his only Indiegogo contribution, according to his profile.

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