Gateway Pundit Says Westboro Baptist Church is "Left-Wing." So What Are His Views On Gays?

Dec 27, 2012 at 10:31 am
Jim Hoft of the conservative blog, Gateway Pundit - Image via
Jim Hoft of the conservative blog, Gateway Pundit
Over the past week, St. Louis-based political blogger Jim Hoft, a.k.a. Gateway Pundit, has caused a bit of an Internet stir by referring to Fred Phelps and his batshit-insane Westboro Baptist Church as a "left-wing cult."


How could you possibly label a gay-bashing, abortion-hating, Obama-loathing group as left wing?

It all began with the arrival of the Patriot Guard Riders in Newtown, Connecticut (site of the December 14 school massacre).

The PGRs are motorcycle enthusiasts who gather at fallen soldiers' funerals to act as a buffer of compassion between mourning families and the Westboro lunatics who protest there (they protest because the believe God punishes American tolerance of homosexuality by making soldiers die; you're correct, they're the worst people in the history of history).

When the Westboro faithful added the funeral of Sandy Hook Elementary principal (and hero) Dawn Hochsprung to their protest schedule, the PGR noticed and came to Newtown. Turns out the Westboro folks never even showed up.  

The Cochrane Times ran the story anyway. Hoft picked it up and wrote on Gateway Pundit the following headline: "Bikers Turn Out to Protect Newtown Mourners from Left-Wing Westboro Cult." Not just any bikers, mind you: Hoft called them "conservative" bikers. So to him, this was a bunch of conservative good-guys protecting the funeral from lefty bad-guys.

Fox Nation picked this up in turn, followed by Gawker and Salon, where writers argued that the Patriot Guard tends to resist political affiliation.

Fair enough. But how can Hoft refer to Westboro as left-wing?

It's true that founder Fred Phelps ran as a Democrat in Kansas during several Democratic primaries during the 1990s (he always lost).