Good Dog Vandalized with Swastika by Bad People

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Good Dog Vandalized with Swastika by Bad People
Screenshot via KY3
A cute puppo in southwest Missouri with no known connections to Nazism was discovered this week with a nasty swastika drawn on its doggy face in black permanent marker.

First of all: Uggggghhhhhh.

But we digress. According to a report by Springfield's NBC affiliate KYTV, the dog in question, Sadie, had wandered from its owner in Crane, Missouri, when it was discovered by one Sami Gilbert, who immediately noticed that the animal bore a sloppily drawn swastika on her forehead.

"Heartbreaking, honestly, that someone would go to those lengths just to paint that on a dog," Gilbert told the news station.

Thankfully, Sadie has been returned to her owners. Understandably, they are quite interested in good methods to remove marker ink from dog fur.

This story would be upsetting on its own, but this isn't even the first swastika-on-dog incident in recent memory: In August, two teenage boys in Phoenix, Arizona, admitted that they had administered a red lipstick swastika to the head of a neighbor's chihuahua.

To the teens of Crane, or whomever did this dumb thing: If you simply must draw a swastika, draw it on your own dumb heads. Leave man's best friend out of it.

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