Good Samaritan Gets Robbed by Homeless Guy, Refuses To Think Homeless People Are Awful

Joshua Frillman, 25, accused of being a homeless jerk
Joshua Frillman, 25, accused of being a homeless jerk
Robbery victim (and Good Samaritan) Erv Yoder was raised in an Amish community in Pennsylvania. He no longer lives Amish, but still believes that God wants him to help poor people.

That's why Yoder decided to help out an injured homeless man he met on Saturday at a Wentzville laundromat.

Man, big mistake.

The homeless man's name, we now know, is 25-year-old Joshua Adam Frillman. Frillman went to the laundromat that day because he'd cut up his hand and needed a ride to the hospital.

So Yoder offered to drive him there.

Then Yoder then waited for two hours for the homeless man to re-emerge from the hospital.

Then Yoder took Frillman to get a bite to eat.

Then Yoder areed to drop him off at a friend's house.

And that's when Frillman pulled a knife on Yoder and demanded money. Yoder nervously handed over $80 and drove off.

But Frillman wasn't done acting like an asshole, because shortly thereafter, he stole his ex-girlfriend's car. The Highway Patrol in Phelps County caught up with Frillman on Monday, realized the car was stolen and took him in.

According to KTVI:
Yoder says he'll be a lot more careful now, but won't let this one incident change him: "I was somewhat naïve, I believe, but it has a lot to do with how I was raised. You just never worried about things like that when you were helping somebody."
Perhaps, but maybe that's because it happened in a tight-knit religious community.

Face/neck tattoos, man. Out here, you've got to check for those. (Look at Joshua Frillman's photo above.)

Face/neck tattoos don't necessarily indicate a dangerous person, but they do strongly indicate a non-Amish person.

I say that in jest, Erv Yoder. In fact, you probably actively tried to disregard the face/neck tattoos, because you're a good person. You should be like the rest of us: We prejudge everyone and never get screwed. 

h/t KTVI, PD
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