Gorgeous George

Dec 8, 2006 at 1:49 pm

No matter the season, there's always a lively scene at Larry Borowsky's stellar Cardinals blog vivaelbirdos.com.

In musing today about Tony "Bunny Ears" La Russa's recent run-in with Barry Bonds, Borowsky got to wonderin' about the most profound assholes ever to wear the Birds on the Bat:

keith hernandez leaps to mind as a candidate, but he was beloved throughout his tenure in st louis; only after getting traded did we come to perceive him as a total a-hole. (and bygones seem to be bygones; from what i can tell, ol' mex is back in good graces.) garry templeton's a strong contender; remember his "if i ain't startin', i ain't departin'" line, indicating his refusal to join the nl all-star team as a reserve? templeton's crotch-grabbing and bird-flipping didn't exactly do the uniform proud, either . . . . vince coleman deserves mention for his firecracker-throwing exploits, but they took place ex-post-birdos. ditto steve carlton's anti-semitic ravings. . . . . hoolie tavarez and steve kline gotta be on the ballot; i'd put joaquin andujar there, too.

Now, don't come whining to us about any differences of opinion with Borowsky. But Unreal was gratified to see, after an elbirdos Commenter had the temerity to nominate the great and greatly underrated George Hendrick, this exquisite anecdotal defense of Silent George:

Silent George story...

I was the doorman at the Mariott Hotel across the street from Busch in 1979 working my way through college. All the football and Baseball teams stayed there when in STL and I got to meet a lot of the players of that time. One day a green Porsche Carrera pulls up and a guy jumps out of it headed into the hotel...I catch the guy and start to inform him that he can not park there and as I'm talking to him I realize it is George Hendrick. He looks at me and says "Hey I'm just going in for like 10 min" and flips me the keys. I say "Sure Mr. Hendrick, that is one sweet ride you have there" and he stops and looks back at me and says. "Well take it for a spin if you want...fine with me"....so I take that thing around old Busch at about 80mph and have just a great time, I'd NEVER driven a car like that before. Sure enough about 10 min later he come out I hand him the keys, and he says. "did you drive it?" ...I say..OOhhhh yeah..and he just laughs hands me a $20 and drives off... I'll never forget what a cool guy he was..

by Timbo02 on Fri Dec 08, 2006 at 03:07:35 PM EST