Got an Arrest Warrant and Tired of Running from the Cops? STL City Wants to "Forgive" You

Feb 19, 2014 at 8:30 am
click to enlarge St. Louis City jail might not be this bad, but it still sucks. - Wikimedia/Cirt
St. Louis City jail might not be this bad, but it still sucks.

If you have a nonviolent city ordinance violation and are tired of your heart beat doubling every time you see a cop car, you're in luck - the City of St. Louis is offering to cancel your warrant and give you a new court date in exchange for $35.

According to a press release from the city: "From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. this week, individuals who believe they are in warrant can come to the St. Louis City Municipal Court at 1520 Market Street (enter from 16th Street) to cancel warrants and get a new court date. The cost is $35 whether someone has one warrant or a dozen."

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"Having a warrant out for your arrest is an obstacle that can affect your job or your ability to get one, like having your license suspended," says Maggie Crane, Director of Communications for Mayor Slay.  "This forgiveness program is not amnesty from your obligations to the law, but this will clear your warrant and get you a new court date to get in front of a judge."

However, if you're on the lam for a DUI charge, this won't apply to you. So that needs to be taken care of another way. State charges are also exempt from the forgiveness period.

Oh, and if you have a warrant out for a murder charge, you don't apply, either.

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Some examples of nonviolent city ordinances that are eligible include "truancy, nuisance, moving and non-moving violations."

The City of St. Louis has information on the various ordinances here.

For those unsure if they have a warrant, that can be checked out here.

Paying $35 sucks, but it's a lot cheaper than bailing out of the slammer.

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