Grab Some Plastic Spoons and See The Room at the Tivoli

Folks, I don't often cross the minefield that separates Gut Check International Headquarters from Daily RFT Land, but this news is too awesome not to share: The Tivoli will be showing The Room at midnight on Friday, March 12, and Saturday, March 13.

What the hell is The Room? Only one of the most wonderfully awful films ever committed to celluloid. It stars Tommy Wiseau -- an auteur of indeterminate Central or Eastern European background who also wrote, directed, produced, financed and, for all I know, catered the film -- as Johnny, a businessman whose lover and "future wife" Lisa sleeps with his best friend, Mark.

From this melodramatic love triangle is spun a web of over-the-top acting, non sequitur dialogue, dropped plot threads, unexplained characters, plastic spoons as modern art, cheesy R&B tunes, soft-core sex -- including, I swear to God, what appears to be a birthmark falling off a woman's back -- a drug intervention and lots of tossing the football around.

Dig the trailer:

The film sank at the box office when released in 2003 but has since developed a cult following through late-night screenings and a DVD release. Like the Rocky Horror Picture Show, these midnight showings are reputedly participatory events, with fans talking back to the actors at certain points, throwing footballs around and chucking plastic spoons at the screen.

Trust me, though: You don't need to know about any of that stuff to enjoy The Room. Let's go the videotape:

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