Gregg Williams: Rams' New Defensive Coordinator Banned for the Season

Mar 21, 2012 at 12:59 pm
Gregg Williams: Out of the NFL for at least a year.
Gregg Williams: Out of the NFL for at least a year.

[UPDATE: Rams coach Jeff Fisher says he's not going to name a new defensive coordinator, and that defensive coaches Dave McGinnis and Chuck Cecil will jointly run the defense under Fisher.]

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell dropped the hammer on St. Louis Rams Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams for his role in the New Orleans Saints' bounty program while he was that team's DC: Indefinite suspension effective immediately and running through at least the end of this coming season, when his status will be reevaluated. Saints head coach Sean Payton has also been banned for the year.

Um, damn.

Williams and Payton have been under Goodell's microscope for their role in creating and maintaining a bounty program that paid players cash incentives for knocking opposing players out of games, including and especially during the Saints' Super Bowl-winning season.

The Saints as a team are being fined $500,000 and losing draft picks (second round in 2012 and 2013 are both forfeit).

No word yet on what the Rams will do for a defensive coordinator this year, now that Williams has been meat-hooked.