Group Demands Recognition of U. City Tiger

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Tigers for Truth has its origins in a report Wool wrote in high school on U. City history. "I was in the archives in the basement of the U. City Library," he remembers, "looking through photos. There was a photo of a sculpture and a guy standing next to the mold, and on the mold you could clearly see it written 'Tiger's Head Mold.' It always bothered me."

Mayor Joe Adams told Wool is fully aware that one of the lions is actually a tiger. "But no one wants to listen, they just hear what they want to hear," Wool laments.

The group has no definite plans for further action, though Wool is toying with the idea of sending someone in a tiger head and a tux to a gala celebration scheduled for October 10 at City Hall, or maybe just standing in front of the gate with a big sign that says "Honk if You Know I'm a Tiger."

The group faces a potential obstacle in the form of Wool's 72-year-old downstairs neighbor. "She's the chair of the lion stuff, so I've been really secretive," he says. "I've been taking the paper to her door and sweeping her steps and stuff, so if she does find out, she won't be too mad at me.

"I'm not anti-lion," he continues, "but pro-tiger. My mom said to me, 'Andrew, why do you want to rain on people's parade?' And I said, 'I just want to rain with the raindrops of truth.'"

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