Groupon and OccupySTL skeptics have readers foaming at the mouth

Groupon and OccupySTL skeptics have readers foaming at the mouth

Size matters: My first reaction: Why would someone think selling 3,500 coupons is a good idea, and then when it causes problems, blame someone else ["Groupon Fail," Ettie Berneking]? Coupons can work if designed properly.
Peter Fuller MBA, via the Internet

Bargain hunters: Groupon customers are penny-pinching cheapskates. I wouldn't want them coming to a restaurant I own!
Retired1, via the Internet

A driver's lament: As far as the waitstaff complaining about being stiffed, I can vouch for this personally. I am not a waiter but a pizza-delivery driver. Whenever we run a really good special, the cheap-asses come out of the woodwork and then tip ridiculously small amounts or, in many cases, nothing at all. I'm not looking to get rich, but I have expenses associated with my service (gas and excessive car repairs) that waiters don't have.

The bosses try to tell you that they are doing you a favor because the cheaper the product, the more the customer will tip. Bullshit! Not to mention that they (the cheap-asses) complain excessively. Here's a tip for the customer: If you're not going to tip, don't be a regular. Get my drift? Let me put it this way: A $2 or $3 tip is the best money you've ever spent!
Cheated, via the Internet

Not convinced: One person calls him a faggot, and the whole group is homophobic ["Right-Wing Blogger: OccupySTL Is Homophobic; Not Racially Tolerant Like the Tea Party," Chad Garrison]? Wow. This Adam Sharp dude is a fucking moron. I refuse to watch any of these videos.
Douche McGee, via the Internet

Margin call: Can't agree with this dude at all. An isolated incident captured on video does not an entire group define. However, based on an article and photos that ran in the Daily Mail today, I'm very concerned and upset at these Occupy protests. It is becoming apparent they are being hijacked by anarchists, misanthropes and troublemakers of all sorts, and not just in New York.

Protest is necessary in a democracy, but for many people, protest of any and everything having to do with authority is a way of life. It is important to recognize that many of these people are generally discontented with everything and cause disturbance for solely puerile reasons. In the news, I've recognized several of our wonderful local anarchist misanthropes from Cherokee Street down in Kiener Plaza, and they're not to be trusted!!

These people contribute nothing and have the ability to disenchant and damage the message, and the protest organizers should do everything they can to marginalize and get rid of them in New York or elsewhere. Throw the fake activists out!
Anonymous, via the Internet

Get a job: I will go ahead and set forth objectives for protestor Ryan LeClair ["OccupySTL Protestors Vow to Continue Downtown Rally," Chad Garrison]. They are 1) Graduate college, and 2) Get a fucking job.
HWL, via the Internet

Step up to the plate: What a bunch of idiots! I am a middle-class guy seeking to attain my fortune, and I realize it was really up to me, and my choices in life so far. It is not right to blame someone else who has made it. I have a few friends who are millionaires, and they buckled down in school, went to college right away and sacrificed fun back then so they can have theirs now. And because I partied more and didn't get my degree till late in life, I know they — my friends, the government or anybody else — do not "owe" me a damn thing!

These losers need to use the system to fight the right way. Support a candidate for his complete package of views, not because he promises you some crap about hope or change. Ask them to draft laws and regulations that are fair and not filled with loopholes. If they do not, start a grassroots petition drive yourself! The problem in the good ole USA is only about 67 percent of Americans are registered to vote, and only 52 to 60 percent of them actually do vote, and most people only follow a specific issue or talking point, not the whole package. In short, we got exactly what we voted for or did not vote for. Quit whining, and step up to the real plate!
Buysellrepeat, via the Internet

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