Hang out With This Guy for Ten Dollars an Hour

Feb 25, 2011 at 9:00 am

Just moved into the city and don't know many people?

Not to worry. There's an online service called Rent-A-Friend. You can browse through an assortment of buddies-for-hire who will go to a ballgame, check out a play, or maybe just stroll through the park with you -- for the low, low price of $10 per hour.

Take Dennis, here, from St. Louis. He likes going to the movies and the zoo. He's also keen on fishing. And don't let that intimidating photo scare you. He swears he's friends with all types, including disabled and handicapped folks. What a peach!

More stats on Dennis after the jump.

Our favorite part about cuddly rent-a-chum Dennis is his willingness to expound about himself at the bottom. And the fact that he only seems to be friends with females -- although, for the record, Rent a Friend wants you to know they are "NOT a dating website, and NOT an Escort agency. Services on RentAFriend.com are strictly for FRIENDSHIP purposes only."

'Cause nothing says friendship like an hourly rate...