Hangover II: Studio May Alter Mike Tyson Tattoo Upon DVD Release

Jun 10, 2011 at 3:20 pm
Somebody order up a bunch of digital Wite-Out. Warner Brothers could soon have a huge demand for the stuff.

That's because the studio has told a federal judge in St. Louis that it would digitally alter a tattoo from actor Ed Helms' face upon the December DVD release of Hangover II if it can't settle a lawsuit by then with a Missouri tattoo artist.

As Daily RFT reported last month, artist Victor Whitmill sued Warner Brothers upon learning that a replica of the famous tattoo he'd inked on the face of boxer Mike Tyson in 2003 was being used without his permission in the movie. Whitmill owns the copyright on the tattoo and sued Warner Brothers to try to block release of the film prior to its May 26 debut.

That didn't happen. The movie, currently in theaters, has already grossed over $350 million, according to The Hollywood Reporter. A jury trial has been scheduled for this coming February, but a settlement could come long before that with a private mediation between both sides scheduled for next week.