Have You Ever Been Attacked by an Animal?

Week of April 14, 2004

Apr 14, 2004 at 4:00 am
Lisa Giles
Cosmetology Student, Grabber School of Hair Design
"Yes, it was by a goose, and I used to think they were nice animals. Spikey --my little dog -- and I went for a run, and we came up on this goose and it had babies, apparently, and it started thrashing its wings and squawking and hissing -- horrible! Anyway, I tried to karate-kick it, but I never took karate. What do you do? Had I really hurt it, I would've gotten in trouble. But had it hurt me, well, you know, there's no recourse for a goose attack."

Joe Hanrahan
Actor, After Midnight Theatre Company
"I did have a crazy cat called Shiva, which I think is the Indian goddess of destruction. As a kitten, she'd attack me in my sleep. I'd wake up bloody with claw marks. She eventually went on loan and disappeared from my life. Otherwise I've had attacks of affection. I live with three dogs now. You know [how] they say dogs lower your blood pressure? I think too many dogs might dangerously lower it -- there's so much love around."

Caprice Nevils
Practical Nurse, McKnight Place
"My cat attacked me. She had a nervous breakdown, actually. We'd just moved and some dogs were at the door, and her babies were out there, okay? I went to the door, and for whatever reason she jumped on me and bit me up real good. We had to call the cops, and they took her away to the cat jail."

Marcus Cohen
Art Director, Ginger Bay Salon & Spa
"I was visiting some friends, and they had a couple pet ferrets. I asked if they were friendly, and the guy said, 'Go ahead, touch the ferret.' So I stuck my hand in there, and it took my finger. I'm an African-American so I guess it might've thought my finger was a hot dog or a piece of beef jerky. At the ER, they said it was non-repairable, so right now, well, look at my pinkie. It looks pretty real, you think?"

James Koch
Heavy Diesel Mechanic
"There was that spider bite. I don't know that it attacked me, 'cause it was living in my shoe. Guess I shouldn't have put my shoe on. After I felt the bite, I shook that sonofabitch out and killed it good. Then I went to the hospital to see what the hell it was -- brown recluse. I've still got a hole in my toe."

Trish Deppe
Cashier, Frederick's Music Lounge
"I survived a piranha bite. I was bagging him up at the pet store, and he bit through the bottom of the bag and into my hand. I dropped the bag and the fish. He was a good size too. I didn't really yell until the hospital when they pulled back the wound to clean it, and then they gave me a shot right in the bite. But they said I was the only one in St. Anthony's to ever be attacked by a piranha. I want a plaque or at least a T-shirt."