Have You Ever Confronted Another Driver?

Week of November 7, 2001

Nov 7, 2001 at 4:00 am
Surita Caldwell
Happy-Hour Maven
"About a year ago, this lady jumped in front of me, cut me off, made me miss the green light. I was on my way to work, and I was so mad I stuck my middle finger out the window and yelled, 'You bitch!' Normally, I'm sweet and nice, but that made me feel better. I got her back."

Mike Hines
"Yeah, 20 years ago, a right-of-way dispute. We got out, boom-boom, dotted each other's eye and went on our merry way. But I don't do that anymore. It takes too long to heal."

Connie Varnon
1984 Osage County Persimmon Queen
"The taxi driver in Paris! When he came to pick us up at the Ritz Hotel, the number on the meter already was '80.' We didn't know what that meant, but it kept going up and up. Glenda said something about it, and I tapped the driver: 'How much is that in American dollars?' He stopped that cab -- 'Out! Out! Out!' -- and he threw us out in the rain. I would never ever go back to Paris. I hate Paris!"

Jason Christopher
Sales Rep, 3M Co.
"No. I road-rage in the confines of my Grand Prix. I'm not stupid enough to do it in somebody's face."

Sheri Ifland
"I was in the lane to go straight, and there was another lane to turn. He must've thought the two lanes merged, and he tried to get in my lane. I guess he thought I was cutting him off, and he laid on the horn. I rolled down the window and went off on him. Then he tailgated me all the way home, and I thought, 'What an ass, trying to intimidate me because I'm a woman alone in the car.'"

Dan Schaller
Culinary-Arts Student, St. Louis Community College-Forest Park
"Yeah, this idiot was talking on the car phone and writing on a pad at the same time. And he just came right over in my lane and damn near hit me. I freaked out and actually followed him until he pulled in a gas station. Then I got out and screamed at him. I'd never done that before, and it's not something I'm proud of, but who knows? Maybe he didn't do it again."