Have You Ever Received an Anonymous Letter?

Dennis Krueger
Owner, Krueger Pottery

"Only anonymous chain letters always wanting you to send this letter on to five other people and, if you do, something wonderful will happen or some disaster will be averted. I never respond to them. It's like Amway, a pyramid scheme."

Diane Frandeka
Manager, Frandeka Pet Store

"How about two tickets to the Cardinals game in the mail? We thought for sure it was a ploy to get us out of the house so we'd be robbed. But we went and the seats were great, the game was fantastic — my husband even caught a Vince Coleman foul ball. Then, about the sixth inning, some people leaned forward and started talking to us — the mysterious benefactors. They had extra tickets, and they thought it would be fun to open the phone book, run a finger down the page and pick someone — us, as it happened. It was a neat experience, and we didn't get robbed!"

Mitch "Professor Funk" Wadley
Itinerant Musician

"I have never experienced receiving anonymous letters or phone calls, but I believe there's a lot of conniving people out there nowadays and those people need to find themselves and find reality."

Jarrett Davis
Sales, Art Mart

"In the college dorm, I put up this sign: "Lost: One very friendly ferret,' and for weeks, all over the dorm, there was general paranoia over this ferret. People claimed to see it. They were setting out traps. An exterminator was even called in. It was a very funny joke, but some people weren't laughing after they learned it was a hoax. I got hate mail and death threats, anonymous and not-so-anonymous. But it was the best trick I ever played. I still laugh about it."

Jayne Luchtefeld
Network Administrator

"I did once, in high school. A note on my car window. Basically, I had stolen a girl's boyfriend, and the note said if I didn't stay away from him I'd have my ass whipped. I didn't know if the note was from her or one of her friends — and all of her friends were little badasses, too. We almost came to blows by the swings once — that could've been a real tussle. I had my cowboy boots on."

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