Have You Ever Sued Anyone or Been the Target of a Lawsuit?

Week of August 29, 2001

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Lance Rahden
"I got in a car accident and went to a lawyer just to make sure I got paid for the hospital bills and car repairs, and the lawyer said, 'We can get more, a lot more. Don't you have headaches? Loss of motion?' I told the truth: No. I was in high school; it didn't keep me from living my life. What's the point of trying to sue the guy for everything he has? If I was in an accident, I wouldn't want someone to do that to me."

Sharon Ashcraft-Stecher
Advance-Practice Nurse
"Do I have lawsuits? Does a dog have fleas? I have back-pay disputes going with two universities, a malpractice suit in my dad's death -- which I won -- and a possible malpractice suit against my attorney. And I have somebody suing me when she had a blowout on Highway 40, ran down the whole side of my car and said it's my fault. Basically I've had a string of bad luck these last eight years."

Dick Howell Jr.
Aluminum-Siding Sales
"I tried to sue Carly Simon for You're So Vain, because I just know that song really was about me. But the lawyer said I had to produce the apricot scarf she mentions in the song, and I had already given it to Goodwill."

Courtney Maise
Student, Kansas University
"Well, I've almost sued someone. You know those tap lights they have on the late-night infomercials? My roommates talked me into buying one. I made the call, and they signed me up for some membership, $75 for that, and the bills just kept coming. I went to a lawyer, and he told me to raise hell with them and if that didn't work, call him back. That light was supposed to cost $6.95, and it ended up costing $400."

Drea Stein
Host, The Other One, KDHX-FM
"I nearly sued the baseball Cardinals for unauthorized use of my photo. They had permission to use my face on one promotional item, a schedule, and they used it on five different items and they didn't want to pay extra. My lawyer advised me what to say, and, after a major bitchfest, I got satisfaction. And it was nice, them paying me instead of paying them all the time."

Carrie Cotton
"Anyone would be a fool to sue me, because all I have is a ton of credit-card debt and a cat, but I once saw a grown man bawl like a baby when he saw his legal bill."

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