Have You Ever Thought About Having a Superpower?

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Preston Newell
Third-Grader, New City School

"To travel in time, anywhere, but mostly forward, because it'd be more exciting. You already know what happened back then. And because I would never want to be stranded, I would always carry an emergency transmitter to contact people and I would leave my time-travel thingamajigger in a place where no one could find it ... and I'd have a compass."

Carly Neilson
Sales Rep, Plastics

"I'd like my breasts to have guns in them, loaded at all times, so if anybody pissed me off -- and it's happening more often -- I could just, you know, shoot the hell out of them."

Manik Myk
Guitarist, Rocket Park

"I would like the superpower to make anything in the known world out of origami."

Diane Redmond
Photographer's Gofer

"The power to make cell phones disappear. That technology's bound to do us in. Just the other day, on Highway 40, some woman's tailgating us, and she's blabbing on the phone the whole time. We slowed down and she's still right on our butt, totally oblivious to everything except her very important phone conversation. Hey, get off the phone and drive!"

"Diamond Don" Foelsch
Construction Worker

"The ability to change any liquid substance into beer. It's an honorable power to have, and it could come in handy in many situations -- when's the last time you ran into a buddy you hadn't seen for years, in a parking lot, and you wish you had a six-pack and a jam-box?"

Sarah Moellering
Retail Marketing Coordinator, Emmis Communications

"I've wondered what it would be like to be able to read minds, because everybody's got secrets and I would like to know what they are. But I'd like to be able to switch that power off when I wanted to, because, like if I'm having sex with my husband I wouldn't want to know if he's thinking about Pamela Lee."

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