Have You Ever Tried to Impersonate Someone?

Week of May 29, 2002

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Bridget Jones
Blackjack Dealer, President Casino
"Yeah, I was Tina Turner for Halloween. I love to impersonate Tina Turner -- I've got the legs for it! And then, three months later, I met Ike Turner on the boat, and he gave me an autograph that said: 'What's love got to do with it? Not a damn thing! Ike Turner.'"

Rich Galloway Jr.
Owner, Domino's Pizza
"I never had to impersonate anybody because everywhere I go people think I'm Tom Pagnozzi, the ex-Cardinals catcher. About five years ago we were at [T.G.I.] Friday's, and a bunch of kids insisted I was Pagnozzi -- he was on TV a lot then. So finally I just said, 'Yeah, I'm him,' and scribbled some autographs just for the heck of it. I felt famous for a brief moment, but hey, I know that I'm just a dough-flippin' pizza guy."

Pamela J. Hart
Landscape Painter
"Not sure about impersonating others, but I've pretended to be a famous artist. I'll have an opening in another city, and if nobody knows me, I can be famous, because who's there to say I'm not? But if my mom or a friend walks in, then I'm not 'Pamela' anymore. I'm just 'Pam,' with all my flaws and foibles exposed. Once, at an opening, when they came and asked me for my autograph and I looked behind me, that's when I realized that famous people are you and me."

Marc Gordon
"I always try to impersonate Michael Jordan when I play basketball -- that's my idol."

Akiko Koiso
"No. Why would I want to do that? Except, well ... when I was growing up, I wanted to be my sister. But I didn't impersonate her! She was popular and pretty, and I was so shy I couldn't even talk to people."

Bryan Bulliner
Past-Life Spirit Guide
"I do Joe Pesci from Goodfellas in my best New York Italian Mafia style: 'You think I'm funny? Do I look funny? Do I talk funny? What the eff do you mean, "funny?"' I can get people to laugh at that. I like entertaining people, giving them something to remember for the rest of their day. I try to make a positive impression, because there's enough negativity in the world."

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