Have You Made Any Twitter Lists Yet?

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Twitter added a new list feature in the last week or so. Twitter lists (if you haven't explored them yet) allow you to group Twitter users into categories of your own creation.

For instance, I have created four lists:
The lists allow you to view just the tweets from the people in those categories. Also your lists can be public or private, with public lists being available for subscription by others. 

This is probably the biggest change Twitter has ever rolled out to their service. Before this there wasn't an easy way to categorize Twitter users outside of some third-party tools that didn't work all that well. And to be honest, building a list can be a tedious endeavor on Twitter as well.

Most of the lists I've created don't have nearly all the people I would like to have in them because you have to find folks by username and then add them to a list. So I've resorted to just adding people as they come across my stream. If you are looking at my lists and you aren't in one that you probably should be, don't be offended, I just haven't had the patience to build a complete list yet. 

One of the most common categories of Twitter lists that I've noticed for local users. Twitter seems to be one of those services that promotes local interaction, so that seems natural. Here are links to a few local lists that other people have made:

I've only discovered these lists because I was on them, and I haven't found a better way for finding lists. You could go and browse other users profiles to see what other lists they've made, but I rarely do that and frankly most people haven't made any lists yet. Seems like this could be an opportunity for someone to compile some sort of directory of lists.

One other benefit to these lists is that you can discover a lot about a person just by the kinds of lists they've made. They're sort of like adding keywords to their profiles. It's very likely that someone with a list named STL either lives or has lived in St. Louis. Someone who has a video list, like myself, is probably someone who makes or is interested in video. 

One kind of list that I haven't seen a lot of yet, and I expect we will are negative lists, like the list made by the comedian and political pundit Baratunde Thurston of The Onion, who made a Douchebag list with just five Twitter accounts on it so far Sean Hanity, Fox News, Sarah Palin, Karl Rove and Glenn Beck. I'm sure that might become a trend, and it's something I've considered doing myself. But I would probably make my list private. 

Have you made any interesting lists yet? Have you found them useful? Tell us about them in the comments.

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