Have You Test-Driven the So-Called Female Condom?

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Greg Ashfield
Body Piercer, Iron Age Studios

"I haven't found a need to switch to anything new. Condoms, a guy gets condoms and he uses them. Trojans work for me. I'm 27, and I have no kids and no diseases ... call me!"

Dating Diva
On-Air Personality, 105.7 The Point Morning Show

"That thing? Talk about cumbersome -- it's like a Hefty Bag with a hula hoop on the end."

Maziar Nooran
Bar Manager, Cicero's

"We've tried it twice and didn't like it much. The thing moves around, and it forms wrinkles. You get involved in hard-knock sex, you have to readjust it -- not conducive to l'amour. I feel it's a commercial gimmick to create more variety in condoms, and if you're gonna use a condom I recommend Sheik; they're very sensitive yet very strong. The only good thing I can see is, if you're having monogamous sex that night you can remove this device, clean it off and reinject the spermicide."

Christian Conrad
Artist/Sales Associate, Streetside Records

"No, but I know people who have, and they tell me it's basically a huge latex tube sock, and unless you're into kinky, bizarre sex it's bound to kill the mood."

Leslie Thompson
Cashier, Mobil Gas House

"I haven't seen one, and I don't know much about it, but if it does what it's supposed to do -- prevent pregnancy and STDs with a minimum of discomfort -- then it's a positive thing and I'd say go for it!"

Lynn Richardson
Barista, MoKaBe's Coffeehouse

"I don't know -- I wouldn't trust it, first off. Second, I wouldn't use it for the same reason that men don't like condoms. Third, I would imagine that they're really messy and hard to take out. So ... if the male condoms are called Trojans, then the female condoms should be called Helens."

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