Hear that whistle blow: Readers react with sound and fury over "Blood on the Tracks"

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Tracking Crime

Don't blame MetroLink: I know crime is up in the city ["Blood on the Tracks," Chad Garrison]. Reports of multiple shootings in a night are often too frequent, almost night after night. Teenagers seem to have fun by jumping anyone just for the fun of it, and I don't understand why. I don't think the MetroLink should in any way be held responsible for doing their job, which is making it easier for people to get around in our city — which stats show help make a city grow and prosper. We should respond to the problem by looking to our uniformed men and women to help keep our streets safe. Imposing a curfew is not unheard of, and getting to the real issues behind the problems — such as summer and after-school programs and parents knowing what their kids are doing and where they are doing it — is the logical and most responsible thing to do.
Heather Woodside, St. Louis, via the Internet

Curfews make sense: I agree with the 10 p.m. curfew. Obviously, parents of these teens aren't doing their job so the businesses and community are going to have to do it for them. If you don't behave you get punished by having a curfew. That's the way life works. I'm tired of coddling these kids; they've been handed so much. Why are they out causing trouble and not working? If they are getting around by car, how are they affording that? I call BS. You know they are taking the MetroLink, so why are they allowed on if they don't have a ticket? Who ends up paying?
Kelly, St. Louis, via the Internet

Gatekeepers wanted: MetroLink needs to set up gates and turnstiles to force people to pay to ride, like most city transit trains. That would put an end to thugs jumping on and off. Also, it would generate revenue for MetroLink, since more than likely half of the riders do not pay as it is.
TD, via the Internet

Liberal hypocrites: Liberals were OK with and encouraged the violent black thugs when they destroyed north county and its malls. But now that the thugs have come home to roost in the liberal areas, the libs are outraged: "Hey, you need to be destroying working-class white neighborhoods, not eclectic liberal enclaves!"
Vox, St. Louis, via the Internet

Yep, theft is rampant at the Galleria: This article could not be any more on the money. I have worked a second job at the Galleria since 2005. It used to be a very nice, quiet place to shop. Sadly, the kids have ruined everything. I have been pushed, threatened and shouted at by shoplifters. They are so blatantly nasty and in your face, it is outrageous. Ask any employee who has worked there for a few years. We are the only store out of our chain in Missouri that is considered a "target" (high-theft) store, all because of our location and yearly losses. I wish I knew what the answer is, but if they're not careful the Galleria will be looking like CrestHOOD Plaza soon.
L.M., St. Louis, via the Internet

Holey pockets!: As a former employee of Cresthood Plaza, I fully agree with the sentiment! Who knew toddlers in strollers could be accomplices to theft?!
Holey Pockets, via the Internet

FOX News couldn't have done it better: This article completely misses the point. Shallow journalism at best, fear-mongering at its worst. Was this taken from the FOX News School of Reporting? The problem isn't the train. The problem is the behavior. Who cares how they get around? They will just move around to different areas. No knee-jerk responses are going to fix this problem. It's going to take partnerships between Metro, the police department, local businesses, community groups, churches and parents to find a way to keep these kids out of trouble. I didn't even see one mention of what kind of programs exist in the city and county for teenagers. The author missed out on a great opportunity to have an actual intelligent discussion about a very big problem in St. Louis. It's a shame.
CLS, University City, via the Internet

Troubled tracks: Yikes!! That article is scary. I wasn't voting for the tax increase before (because the idiots did that lawsuit and lost mega bucks). Sorry Charlie, no sale!!
Steve Miller, Wildwood, via the Internet

Story's right on track: Let's run that MetroLink right to Plaza Frontenac! Just bringing in more business for Neimans and Saks! Right? This article is fantastic. The MetroLink is a failed dream that belongs in a planned city where people live within walking or biking distance to it, not St. Louis. Fools and their tax dollars are soon parted!
Veg, St. Louis, via the Internet

CAFÉ, AUGUST 14, 2008

Cold Comfort

Reflections of a snow-cone fan: The best "snowball" I have ever had, though I still call them snow cones, was at Snow-Biz in O'Fallon, Missouri ["Cold, Cold, Cold: Snow Cone or Snowball?" Ian Froeb]. The ice is so soft and finely shaved, and their flavors are delicious and very realistic. I was always a big fan of grapefruit mmmm. We used to stop by there often when I was in high school, after a long day of landscaping in the heat. Nothing tasted better.
Andy, University City, via the Internet

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