Hello? Is It Me You're Looking For?: Best of Craigslist Missed Connections, November 10-16

(Welcome to Hello? Is It Me You're Looking For? Each Monday, we'll scour the local Missed Connections section of Craigslist, in search of the best posts. Here are some that caught our eye this week.)

Oh, oh, oh-oh-oh, the Right Stuff...not: I missed NKOTB for you and ... - w4m (City) what would have been the one-year anniversary of our first date. You told me it was "tacky" to buy tickets and not celebrate our special day. I am sorry I missed NKOTB and perhaps even sorrier that we are not together; I know I made the right decision but still wish I had closure. Closure (as to WTF went wrong with you) would have made not seeing Jon Knight and swooning like I did 18 years ago worth all the BS of the last few months...almost....I really was in love with Jon...and I was really in love with you, boo boo.

EW: to my wife's sister - m4w (IL) I had fun the other night and felt it was nice that we took down some of our defenses. I would enjoy talking with you more and being a better shoulder for you to lean on, to return the favor sometimes would be appreciated as well. Maybe we can do lunch sometime. I'm not sure you will even see this, but a clue is that you drive a black car with IL plates.... That's pinning it down, eh? heh.. If you do see this or think this is you please feel comfortable sending me a response, if it isn't you no harm, I'll just respond with a "nope sorry".

TV Party, Part I: Sexy St Louis TV personalities - m4m Hottest news guys in St Louis... Steve Savard Todd Schumacher Minneapolis - Sven Svenerson, what a hot little body. Anyone remember the last name of the hot weather guy that used to be in St Louis? First name Gary ?????

TV Party, Part II: RE: Sexy St Louis TV personalities - m4m - m4m - 30 (STL) The weather guy on channel 11 you are referring to was Gary Seith. I met him in person in U City. By no means am I tall, but this dude came up to my waist....yeah, yeah...perfect for head. LOL. Yeah, he was easy on the eyes, but I prefer to crush on taller anchor guys. John Brown on Fox 2 does it for me.

TV Party, Part III: RE: Sexy St Louis TV personalities His name is actually Garry and he's 5'9. Google him in Ft. Worth, TX. He just got married for the second time last month. That's one dude that needs to come out of the closet.

Get the hint. RE: I still want to break you off - w4m - 22 (never going to happen) Period. Its getting kind of pathetic dear.

The heart is a lonely hunter: if you only knew - m4w - 22 (Misery) I've been there for you. When he decided he was bored with you, I was there. When you went over and found another woman in his bed, I was there. When you just couldn't decide which one, I was there. I adored you. I left flowers for you to find when you got off work. I told you how I felt. Scared is a lame excuse, when you constantly settle for shit heads. SO, I resign as your crying shoulder. Fuck your heart, I hope it breaks again and again and again. You can't complain that love sucks when you make stupid decisions and poor choices. Peace

A burrito with...um, everything: Thank you for opening your window today. - m4w - 27 (UCity Loop) I just want to tell the beauty that brightened my day.... Thanks! Thank you for opening your window in your pink panties and t-shirt so that you and your little cat could get some fresh air. My lunch at Chipotle was much improved. Such sexy hips.

Ho, Ho, Ho: I KNOW I'm a missed connectiuon - m4w - 99 (USA) Ladies only: I'm like a Christmas stocking on December 25 at 7:00 a.m. ... a big-ass apple, some candy and other miscellaneous items pouring out of the top of that felt, foot-shaped material. Read: I'm a hidden surprise. Try me.

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