Hilarious Video of Speeder Trying to Bust Cop for Drinking & Driving

click to enlarge The guy who took this photo of a drinking St. Louis County police officer had just been pulled over by him.
The guy who took this photo of a drinking St. Louis County police officer had just been pulled over by him.
For 31-year-old Lucas Lamb of Greenfield, Illinois, the wild evening of August 14 was filled with a speeding ticket, a twist of fate, and the sweet taste of revenge! (Or so he thought.)

At 6:30 pm, Lamb and a buddy were hurtling down I-270 on their way to an MMA fight when they got pulled over. Their mistake: speeding at 85 mph past a St. Louis County Police patrol car, which was going almost as fast.

Idling on the highway shoulder, Lamb noticed two things: (1) the officer had a female seated next to him in the patrol car, and (2) the officer wore a t-shirt, not a uniform.

Lamb says that when the officer approached, he threw up his hands and complained, "What, are you trying to make me look bad on my day off?" The cop wrote Lamb a citation.

Nothing wrong with that picture so far, says Officer Rick Eckhard, spokesman for the police department. Speaking in generalities, Eckhard says, it's common for county cops to drive their cruisers off-duty with family members inside. He adds that a car going 85 mph would be a "very noticeable" violation demanding enforcement.

A funny thing happened, though, after the vehicles parted ways.

When Lamb and his buddy arrived to the fight, held at The Stratford Bar & Grill in Fenton, they noticed the same squad car in the parking lot. They then spotted the officer and his female companion walking into the fight, so they waved and jeered. The couple acknowledged them, Lamb says.

Once inside the event, Lamb spied the officer buying a bucket of beer. So Lamb ran outside to his truck, changed his shirt, donned a baseball cap, and re-entered the event. He found the officer and videotaped him on the sly, as shown below (the officer is the guy in the green t-shirt):

How much beer did the officer put away? Lamb isn't sure, because he wasn't watching (or taping) the whole time, but maintains the cop was definitely there for three and a half hours.

Here's another clip (look to the right, past the guy in the white shirt):

But HERE's the climax!!! Lamb confronted the cop in the parking lot, and the cop tried to speed away:

The next morning, Lamb says he filed a complaint using the county police's website. The county police department's Internal Affairs Division called him in for a meeting.

But Lamb claims that Lieutenant Matthew O'Neill grew "agitated" upon learning that Lamb had been ticketed by the same officer a few hours earlier on the night in question.

"He was thinking I had an agenda," Lamb says, adding: "I almost felt like I was the criminal by the time the meeting was over." 

Lamb concedes, however, that he does plan to challenge the ticket on the grounds that the officer could've been drinking before ever pulling him over.

Lamb has submitted a signed affidavit and the video evidence to the department for review. He's not accusing the officer of driving drunk. But he does believe the officer must've violated some kind of department policy. 

Officer Eckhard, the police spokesman, says the department doesn't comment on pending internal affairs investigations. But if Lamb doesn't like the outcome, he adds, he has the option of appealing.

Lamb concludes: "If this [officer] was trying to impress his girlfriend, he would've looked better by just letting us go down the road....He could've been a good guy and I probably would've bought the fucker a beer."

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