How Are You Handling the Death of Wendy's Founder Dave Thomas?

Week of January 16, 2002

Jan 16, 2002 at 4:00 am
Luke Roulston
Shift Leader, Kinko's

"It didn't really affect me that much, because fast-food places go for the average meat-eating citizen, and I'm not one of those -- although Wendy's does make a mean baked potato. And I have to give Dave credit for the commercials. At least they're not playing to the lowest denominator of fast-food consumer. They try to be kind of humorous ... but they're still not as good as Jack in the Box."

Kelly Peach
Producer, Show Me St. Louis

"All I ever order there is a Frosty, and in the '80s a bunch of my high-school friends got food poisoning from his burgers. But he seemed like a nice man, and I'll miss him. I think Wilford Brimley is next up."

Cody Mothersbaugh
Student, Harris-Stowe State College

"My first reaction: Man, that's the guy I see on TV all the time selling burgers, and now he's gone! It could be a big setback to Wendy's, because people might think he's been done in by his own burgers, like, you die by what you sell."

Sri Lankan Lemur Hunter

"It's a long day to think of him gone. And even though my vet advises against a diet of saturated-fat-laden meat, I'm willing to take that chance -- just like Big Dave was."

Del Lewis
Owner, Clean Slate Restoration
"I'm not losing any sleep, and I'll still go to Wendy's, even if Dave isn't there. I mean, he never gave me the sandwich personally. But I always thought that was pretty cool, the main guy in a large company taking the time to give his product the personal touch."

Ronald Warren

"Well, to be honest with you, I really didn't know him."