How Do You Envision God?

Week of July 17, 2002

Jul 17, 2002 at 4:00 am
Andrea Shackelford
Law-Office Secretary
"As Bob Marley -- great musician, and he was clean when he died, except for weed. If you listen to, like, the words of his music, they're really meaningful. It makes you feel better, more optimistic about life."

"Uncle Bill" Green
Doorman, Venice Cafe
"I have no idea. I'm a lapsed Buddhist, but I'd say my theology about him is somewhere between 'What a nice guy' and 'What an awful prick he must be.'"

Michael Williams
Homeless Can Collector
"I see God as a person whose level of understanding is beyond our comprehension. He created everything, so he understands everything. He understands me perfectly, whatever mood I'm in. God has no problems. He's the same all the time: Twenty-four hours of understanding -- that's God."

Kymberlee Robinson
Junior, Granite City High School
"I don't see him as a person -- he's too special to be one of us. He's more like the wind. You can't see the wind, but you can feel it. I think everybody envisions him in their own way. Some see him as a young man with long hair and a beard, kind of hippie-looking, but other than the prophets, nobody has ever really seen him to know what he looks like."

Caitlin Lainoff
Student, Washington University
"If I saw God, I think it would be somewhere unexpected, like in a puddle, and it would be something like a gelatinous mass of light, and I think I would die shortly thereafter."

Charlie Liermann
Manager, Fantasy Shop
"We're all part of the universal mind, fragments of what was there before the Big Bang, which could have been God: the Big Consciousness. So I see God in everyone and everything, even in a paper clip. But if I had to put a face on God, it would be an amalgam: One part Obi Wan Kenobi, one part Shaft and one part Cheryl Ladd."