How Does "Sir Mick Jagger" Sound to You?

Week of June 26, 2002

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Tony DeLuca
Owner, D-N-S Home Improvements
"To me, it's ridiculous. I don't think he ever did anything special. He's just a singer, an overrated lead singer of an overrated bar band. It's pop culture; leave it at that."

Owner, Essential Elements Metaphysical Store
"It sounds fine. It's just that being knighted means he's going to be without a partner. A knight is single, according to the tarot cards."

Dean Picker
Owner, Advanced Blueprint & Copy
"Why not? My grandparents would probably say, 'No way,' but each generation has a different sliding scale of what they consider acceptable. But if, in 30 years, it's 'Sir Boy George' or 'Sir George Michael,' I'd have to object."

Cynthia McCafferty
Political Animal
"When I heard about him being knighted, I was absolutely shocked. Of everything a knight is and everything Mick Jagger is, I can't find any similarities."

"Sir" Gian Vianello
Pawnbroker/Bass Player, Smash Band
"It sounds about as auspicious as "Sir Elton John." Really, it doesn't faze me one way or another, and it's not going to change his life at all. People already idolize him. He doesn't need any more titles ... besides 'Big Lips.'"

Nicole Hess
Owner, Gallery L
"Totally and utterly lawfable, Mum!"

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