How Many Cars Are in the River Des Peres?

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click to enlarge River snack. - KASEY MORRIS
River snack.
The River Des Peres is hungry.

A few weeks ago we told you all about how St. Louis's favorite poop-filled waterway was eating south city. Not only had it greedily gobbled up fences and sidewalks, it was also chewing on River City Boulevard, with one entire stretch of the street being completely digested. When we checked in on it, the rain-swollen River Des Peres had also completely overtaken the Alabama Avenue bridge.

Now that the record-breaking flooding has subsided, it seems that the gluttonous river has been watching its girth and only snacking on Keto-friendly cars. As the water goes down, more and more vehicles are being revealed and one has to wonder: Just how many cars are in these waters? And, furthermore, how did they get there?

We were sent pictures of two cars that the insatiable waterway consumed just recently. This first SUV was spotted in the river near Poinciana Boulevard on Sunday evening and it seems that it has since been removed:

click to enlarge Dunkaroo. - KASEY MORRIS
This Escalade beached near Parkway Lane, however, has been a source of speculation for weeks:

click to enlarge Just hangin' out. - KASEY MORRIS
Just hangin' out.

KMOV even posted a live look at this Escalade last week and it had what appeared to be police tape dangling from its side mirror.

Are these vehicles that were used in a crime and someone tried to ditch them in the water? Or maybe they were just picked up during the extreme flooding and have just floated along unnoticed until now?

Or maybe we just found the river’s secret snack stash, like when parents hide the good stuff on top of the refrigerator so their kids can’t see it — that seems most likely.

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As the River Des Peres continue to recede, we’re bound to find all kinds of things in the waters. So keep an eye out but don’t get too close — you could be the next to fall victim to its voracious appetite.

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