How Much Can You Eat?

Week of October 2, 2002

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Kathy Bosin
Rowing Enthusiast
"When I was in Maine, working on a construction project, I ate seventeen lobsters in one week -- and a half-pound of butter. You just rip 'em apart and eat 'em."

Todd White
Owner, Katy Bike Rental
"At Ted Drewe's I can eat two of the dark-chocolate Supers without feeling like a pig. And if it's my wife's good cooking, I can eat till my plate is clean."

Kate Sidlo
Assistant Manager, Rag-O-Rama
"I once ate an extra-large Imo's cheese pizza -- in one sitting, all by myself. It was a big pizza for a little girl like me ... I puked later on that night."

Andy "Def Jam" Liston
Recording Secretary, Jane Austen Society of North America
"You know, I'm hungry pretty much all the time, and my favorite food, pork chops and macaroni? I can eat that all day, about eight platefuls -- if I can get it. And fried chicken? Oh, about seven pieces a day -- if I can get it."

Beth Giesso
Waitress, Blueberry Hill
"Unlike Anna Nicole Smith, who said, 'I can't eat more than $600 in one evening,' I can and will!"

Rick Raaf
Mortgage Broker
"This last July on a Sunday afternoon, I had fourteen Big Elwoods at Fast Eddie's Bon-Air, washed 'em down with bourbon-and-sevens. I couldn't stop! It got so bad that Fast Eddie himself came over and asked me if I needed an airbag. That guy is a real prince."

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